Sunday, 10 March 2013

We finally start . .

Ready to leave . . . Taree

Our original departure date of mid-February was delayed because of rain.  Then delayed again because of flooding further up the highway (around Kempsey).  We re-set our departure date for Monday 25th Feb only to have the highway closed again.  Frustration overload!  Locals declared we were having more 'farewells' than Dame Nellie Melba.  Flooding cleared Fri 1st March - so new date set for Mon, later changed to Tues - and we are going, come hell or high water!!!
A few last minute additions - even though Gordon was insistent that 'weight is an issue'.  The old army trunk from under the house was sanded back & re-painted with rust-inhibitor to travel in the back of the ute and contain such necessities as the chainsaw, a second toolbox, numerous 'odds & ends' and whatever didn't have a home elsewhere. The tray of the ute also houses the inflatable kayak, two milk crates one of which  contains the camp oven and its peripherals and the other holds the blocks for under the van's legs (in case the ground is soft).  Also the generator, washing machine, & two jerry cans - one for vehicle fuel & the other for generator fuel - and a storage tub with golfing gear and last but not least the 'Thunderbox' which contains levelling ramps and ropes & pegs  for securing the awning when camped for longer than overnight. . The milk crates also become spare chairs with the addition of a couple of cushions. The kayak has travelled with us on two trips since this time last year and still has not had a wet bum.  2013 is THE year. :-)


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  3. Happy travelling u2; glad you're past the great wet !! I'm looking forward to following your adventures from time to time