Saturday, 22 March 2014

More from Mareeba


So now you know – we spent more time in Mareeba than I think some of the locals do.  The weather is glorious, we have made some lovely friends in Dave & Barbara from Ringers Rest; their daughter Tammy, her hubby Marco and their gorgeous little boy Tristan; Dave’s Mum ‘Mum Berry’, his sister LLoma.  We have been made to feel like family, and will definitely return – next year or later, timeline unknown but destination certain! 

Whilst at Ringers Rest,  Gordon helped Dave to build a campfire surround for future campers.


               Using the backhoe to move volcanic rocks from on farm, to form fireplace. (above)

                                      Celebrating the completion (thus far) . . .


P8090114       Fireplace

In front of the fire . . .                                                   and behind the fire.


As shown in previous posts, the birdlife around the Atherton Tableland is prolific and varied.  Whilst out driving one day, we were even surprised to see a peacock – just wandering around in a public park.


Other birds – and these were all taken on or near Ringers Rest – included

Channel Bill Cuckoo 3 Channel Billed Cuckoo

Cropped Fig BirdFig Bird and (below) with wife.

Mr & Mrs Fig Bird








We (well Gordon really, as you know I don’t do heights) also helped Dave to re-clad his house.  We (yes, I did help here) removed the old hardiplank cladding, installed fibreglass batt insulation and then clad with colourbond corrugated iron, for a real country look. 



Note the use of safety scaffolding in the bottom pic. :-/


Once this job was finished, the time had come for us to move on.  What had started as ‘a week or so’ on the Tablelands had turned into three months.  Accordingly we had left it far too late to try to go to the Top End.  Cyclone season was closing in, and that is no time for fair weather travellers such as I to be north of the Tropic of Capricorn.  The humidity was also beginning to climb, and that surely reduces the comfort level.  Before leaving, we were invited to accompany the family camping at Hull Heads.  We had been there before, on our way up the coast, and enjoyed our stay so accepted the invitation.  We were to be quite a sizable group – Dave & Barb, Tammy & Marco, Marco’s parents Santina & Vittorio, and a couple of German lads who had been lime picking on their farm as well as ourselves.  This time is was to be REAL camping – you know, tents & stuff.  Not really my forte, but at Hull Heads, near the Coastguard, there are showers and toilets so at least there is SOME civilisation!


The water looks inviting but, like most of the tropical north,  there are signs warning of crocodile habitation in the area so all care was taken at all times.  Especially when the little fella (aged 2) was having a paddle in the shallows. 











And there were also more birds for me to ‘capture’ . . .

Hull Heads BirdStarlings Hull Heads

Alright, so one was just a starling, but it IS still a bird!

And then back at Ringers Rest . . . a Spangled Drongo

Spangled Drongo



. . . Whilst sifting through my photos for this episode, I came across the following, from our first weekend at Ringers Rest and just couldn’t resist adding it . . . The Three Beardies Smile

Three Beardies


And so, for now, we leave Far North Queensland until next time.  The calendar tells us the next CMCA rally is due to start in Narrabri next week, so we decide to try to make it there.  It will mean driving longer distances each day than we usually do but we will give it a go and if we make it in time well and good.  If not – well this IS our “No Particular Place to Go” tour.


You will have to wait until the next episode to find out how far we made it . . .

Until then:

Live the Life You Love . . .

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